The symbol of bird in three novels for children and youth by Vidoe Podgorets

Denkova, Jovanka (2018) The symbol of bird in three novels for children and youth by Vidoe Podgorets. Krugovi detinjstva (1). pp. 37-47. ISSN 2334-7929

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The bird as a symbol and motive is as old as mankind. They are perceived as messengers of the Gods, a symbol of immortality, and as predictors of future events. With the freedom of their flight, the birds embody the symbolism that makes us desire to move towards the heights and experience the feeling of immense freedom of our body and soul. Birds are a metaphor of departure, change, but also adaptation, flexibility. Vidoe Podgorets is one of those authors who "identifies nature with art" and the bird serves as a part of that nature as a motive and symbol through which he will convey his vision and understanding of life and everything that is happening around him and pass his moral message on to us. This symbolism will be the subject of study in this paper. In particular, the symbol of the bird in three works of Vidoe Podgorets intended for young readers will be discussed and considered.

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