Sustainable development in the Republic of Macedonia

Kitanov, Vladimir (2018) Sustainable development in the Republic of Macedonia. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers, 22.1. pp. 309-313. ISSN 1857-923X


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Each country's economic development is the basis of the individual economic strengths of its inhabitants and stability in all segments of society. But for several decades now, humanity has been tackled before a major, global problem, which is pollution and environmental protection, which is a huge challenge for mankind, regardless of the current level of development of the country and the productive forces in the separate parts of our planet. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is not a very healthy environment, that many elements in it are endangered, that the degree of self-regulation of some objects is meaningless and that once disrupted ecological relations can never be brought into the original state. Countries face damage to the biosphere and its ecosystems by reducing the quantity of many sources of mineral and energy resources, pollution and degradation of the air, water, land, global climate change, destroyed species of flora and fauna, homelessness, damage human health, large quantities of waste, and so on.
Modern understanding of the advancement of society and the improvement of the quality of life of the present generations implies taking into account the natural capacities, that is, having enough natural resources and for the generations that are yet to come. In fact, sustainable development is based on that concept. The advantage that the Republic of Macedonia has and should use is the preserved natural resources, that is, unpolluted soils and waters that also enable the production of healthy food, which guarantees its economic survival. In our country, the production of organic food is already gaining in importance, especially at a time when European countries are struggling with genetically modified foods, and it is seen and experienced as the only way to recover unstable agriculture and restore economic stability.
Small economies need to respond swiftly to changes in the global economy.
Keywords: sustainable development, natural resources, economy

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