TCM - providing solutions for oral pain

Papakoca, Kiro and Zhu, Jihe (2017) TCM - providing solutions for oral pain. In: First International Symposium for Traditional Chinese Medicine, 06 Dec 2017, Stip, Macedonia.


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Introduction - With a history of over 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) evolves into a unique system of diagnosing and treating illnesses. However, ıt is a challenge to convey the fundamentals of this traditional medicine to our Western colleagues and practiconers because of the differences in language, philosophy and concept of diagnosis and treatment. Knowledge, use and interest in traditional based approaches to managing oral health\pain is widespread all over China, especially in Beijng and Hong Kong and is associated with age and educational attainment.

Material and Methods - This Eastern practice also takes an approach in Dental medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that some mouth inflammation (non-decay and non-gum disease-related) is caused by kidney problems, since the kidney "governs" bones, teeth and gums. Healthy kidney energy, healthy teeth and gums. Deficient kidney Yin energy results in poor immunity in the oral cavity, weakened teeth and gums.Pathogenic heat and toxins, internal or, acute pain and the tendency to develop painful conditions are both external, then may invade teeth and gums, causing inflammation. In the meanwhile, according to TCM attributed to something called blood stagnation. Therefore, herbs may be an alternative form of treatment to help relieve tooth pain. Toothaches or tooth pain are common, but few people go to TCM doctors for solutions eventhough TCM has a few effective ways of dealing with toothaches.

Results - The sanjian acupoint is located along the Large Intestine Meridian and it happened that the toothache was caused by problems in the Large Intestine Meridian. TCM believes that there is a cause for toothaches. If the right causes and meridians are identified, they can be treated. The example shown above only explains one of the few ways how this medicine and its practice can ease of the oral pain in our future patients.

Discussion: Both me and my colleague, who partakes an involvment with this abstract and poster, have had the opportunity to attend and finish an introductory TCM course in China thanks to Dr Jihe Zhu and we would consider ourselves grateful if we would be able to share our newly received experience by offering some TCM helpful oral pain treatment advices.

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