Mouse embryo development under an enriched atmosphere of negative air ions: a pilot study

Simjanovska, Liljana and Taleski, Vaso and Mestres, Enric and Calderon, Gloria and Costa-Borges, Nuno (2017) Mouse embryo development under an enriched atmosphere of negative air ions: a pilot study. JSM Invitro Fertilization, 2(2) (1017). pp. 1-4.

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Several studies have shown that negative air ions may have positive effects on the living organisms. The aim of our study was to evaluate whether an enriched environment of negative air ions have an influence on the mouse embryo development. A controlled negative air-ion generator (CNAIG) was installed in a standard incubator and test embryos cultured under the enriched atmosphere with negative ions. Embryo development was judged in terms of blastocyst rates, blastocyst total cell number, and potential of these to develop to term.

In a first series of experiments, we observed that mouse embryos cultured in the atmosphere enriched with negative ions developed up to the blastocyst stage with a 96.1% (49/51) efficiency, similarly (p= 0.675)to controls 97.1% (32/34). Blastocysts obtained in the experimental group showed a total mean number of cells (110±20.1) statistically equivalent (p = 0.351) to controls (121±33.4) cultured under standard conditions. In a second series of experiments, blastocysts were transferred to synchronized pseudo-pregnant females, so embryo development could be followed in vivo. A total of 33.3% of the blastocysts transferred from the experimental group developed to term, in a similar proportion (p>0.05) to the control group (40%).In this pilot study, we demonstrate for the first time that mouse embryos cultured in an enriched negative ions atmosphere are able to develop in vitro and in vivo with very high successful rates.

Key words: controlled negative air-ion generator (CNAIG), mouse embryo development, in vitro fertilization, embryo culture.

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