Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos:Right of tyrannicide in the Medieval Christian and Islamic political-legal philosophy

Apasiev, Dimitar and Stojanov, Trajce (2016) Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos:Right of tyrannicide in the Medieval Christian and Islamic political-legal philosophy. In: Second International Philosophical Dialogue East-West Law between Politics and Ethics, 05-07 Oct 2016, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje. (In Press)

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In the Middle Ages more precisely in 1579 y. - seven years after the brutal Catholic massacre carried out on the Huguenot on so called St. Bartholomew's Night - in the European city of Basel the theoretical treatise The verdict against tyrant (Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos) comes out of print, written under the pseudonym "Stefan June Brut" - as an allusion to one of the republican assassins of the Roman dictator Caesar. This quite influential manuscript from the end of the sixteenth century obviously was of Huguenot origin and it is assumed that it is coauthored work of two French anti-monarchist authors: Hubert Longe (Hubert Lang / 1518-1581) - diplomat and religious reformer and Filip De Morne (Philippe Du- Plessis-Mornay / 1549-1623) - a Protestant-Calvinist and adherent of the movement of the Monarchomachs.
Hence, following this tradition of coauthoring in writing a controversial works, the authors of this paper (a lawyer and a philosopher) borrowing the title will try, as much as it is possible in such limited space for this kind of a short paper, firstly to offer their explicative definition and description of the tyranny, as perverted form of governance – and for that need referring to ancient authors (eg, Plato, Xenophon); and then to follow through evolution of the radical ideas of tyrannicide – thereby not limiting only to Christian authors, but including and representatives of Islamic political and legal philosophy.
Key words: Middle Ages, medieval philosophy, political-juridical philosophy, tyranny, tyrannicide, Monarchomachs, Khawarij.

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