One Foucauldian analysis of atheism and the notion of sovereignty

Stojanov, Trajce (2017) One Foucauldian analysis of atheism and the notion of sovereignty. Balkan Social Science Review, 10. pp. 77-91. ISSN 1857- 8772

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The world trend of atheism and the general attack on religion has serious philosophical-legal and practical-political implications. This paper is an examination of the central notion in the law, Sovereign and Sovereignty from Foucauldian discourse analysis, focusing on power relationships in society as expressed in New Atheism movement. I try to understand how the notion of Sovereign is being shaped (or constructed) by new scientific language, which in turn reflects existing power relationships established from the relation of the science and politics.The notion of the Sovereign and sovereignty, as Schmitt correctly concluded, is central to political theology and its denial and disappearance has significant implications. Today's domination of atheism has exactly that purpose – full delegitimization of this notion of Sovereign and sovereignty. Finally, the complete collapse of the relation with a transcendence from which the notion of sovereignty arises, is the ultimate goal of the New Atheism.

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