Adaptation of national security systems in conditions of global society changes

Levkovksi, Ljupco and Dojcinovski, Metodija (2013) Adaptation of national security systems in conditions of global society changes. Changes in the global society.

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The globalization process is not a matter of choice and it cannot
be stopped, it goes on continuously and leaves no one indifferent and neutral.
Whether we admit it or not, we are all part of the whole globalization processes
and in that way we are all included in the global system.
Today‘s environment is characterized by big and dynamic changes where the
globalization influence is evident, and the consequences are numerous. The global
society changes contribute towards the complexity and amplitude of the
contemporary undermining of security, and in this framework due to the
reciprocity influence, it becomes more and more difficult to look at the security
threats simply like internal and exterior. That is to say, the threats which happen
inside the country can cross the inside borders and become international and vice
The security system of the Republic of Macedonia is established as a
function of the country and the wider society which protects the vital values. The
theoretical creation and building of the security in the country means its drafting,
normative-legal establishment and institutionalizing in order to create a functional
security system. On the other hand, the practical functioning of the established
security system is a completely different issue, which should say whether the
established system is capable of existing as a security practice in conditions of
rapid society changes.
The society development in general and the continuing globalization
process bring changes in the country‘s security itself. That is why, the security
system is defined as basic aspect of the country‘s constitution and as inseparable,
integral part it is necessary for it to be adaptable towards the general social,
economical and political processes, and also in function for protection and
improvement of the values brought by the new changes.
The parameters of the borders of the national security towards the globalization
should be established on national basis in which the countries pay attention to the
wider i.e. global values, crossing the narrow national framework including:
strengthening of the rule of law, law implementation, complete involvement of the
institutions in the system etc.

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