Storing of the knowledge in the public sector, necessity for a successful state ( A case study in the Republic of Macedonia)

Denkova, Jadranka and Lazarevski, Pande and Denkova, Branka (2017) Storing of the knowledge in the public sector, necessity for a successful state ( A case study in the Republic of Macedonia). In: Општествени промени на глобалниот свет, Sept 2017, Stip, Macedonia.

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The main objective of this work is to show the state of the public sector in the aspect of the behavior of the state, the organizational culture, the care for keeping the knowledge in the public and state sector. The new time comes with changes in all segments of the social living, and for that, the adjustment of the highest structures of the authorities, through the organizations until the final consumer-the citizen, is necessary. The state always has to primarily take care for keeping the knowledge and not letting it drain, through leaving of the professional staff from the organizations. The goal will be reached through finding ways, methods, and techniques that will be based on primary and secondary legislation acts, and especially giving the attention to try and change the mental awareness of the employees, towards the organization, or completely changing the organizational culture. The employees in the organizations are completely trapped between the old and new time of age, that is very hard for them to change the awareness in aspect of storing and saving the knowledge. There is still a present fear that if the same is presented and saved in a transparent way, it will be misused. By reason of that, there should be procedures that will be in the direction of authorization of the works and permanent documentation which will affect their awareness and motivation. Naturally, the organization has to work on changing the system of motivation and awarding in the organizations. The methodology of this research is targeted toward the analysis of primary and secondary legislation acts, as well as interviews of the employees in the state and public sector, what is their attitude towards keeping the knowledge in the organizations. This work will show how the changes reflect in the direction of introduction of a document management system, introduction of ISO standards in the organization and the idea of introducing an electronic system of storing and managing with documents on a level of state organization, and connecting the same with all of the state institutions. Therefore, the conclusion that will arise from this work would be that, so far in the working of the public administration, there haven’t been standards with a clear definition of the processes in the organization and their mutual relations, in the direction of storing the knowledge in the organization, the organizational culture is changed very little in this regard.
Key words: memory, knowledge, culture, organization

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