Construction characteristics of the traditional city house from 19th century in Shtip

Namicev, Petar and Namiceva, Ekaterina (2017) Construction characteristics of the traditional city house from 19th century in Shtip. Natural resources and technologies, 11 (11). pp. 139-145. ISSN 185-6966

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The traditional house in the 19th century from Stip contains a constructive system with the application of elements that formed a complex structure of the building, with elements of local and architectonic recognition. Constructive solutions in all elements and stages of the house define a complex system of compliance of all elements, using a binder system and a stone wall, adapted primarily to the spatial possibilities, the needs of the family and the local understanding of the building. Basic
structural materials (wood, stone and processed soil) were applied in the external and internal shaping. Coatings with soil mixture that are dominant on flat surfaces of facades and decorative details with processed planks are used which emphasize certain contours or specific architectural expression. Significant is the influence of the construction craftsmen who introduced
certain current elements, especially in the decoration. In constructive analyzes, the basic characteristics of the constructive model applied in the regions of the Balkans were applied.

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