Passive suicidal ideation as a risk factor for suicide: Are we Asking the Right Questions?

Miloseva, Lence (2017) Passive suicidal ideation as a risk factor for suicide: Are we Asking the Right Questions? In: International conference 13th Days of Applied Psychology, 29-30 Sept 2017, Nis, Serbia.

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Many lists of risk factors are available throughout the field of suicide prevention. This paper provides a brief overview of the importance of risk and protective factors as they relate to suicide and offers guidance about how mental health experts and communities can best use them to decrease suicide risk. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of passive suicidal ideation as a rick factors for suicide. Also, we will discuss dificulties during screaning and suicide risk assesment proceses. Unfortunately, both in the region and in R. Macedonia there are no general studies that examine passive suicidal ideation, or compare the role and importance of passive and suicidal ideas, i.e. how they contribute to suicidal risk and suicidal behavior, which is why this topic is a research challenge. In this paper we will present and discuss empirical findings and experience from the world and from Macedonia.
Querying individuals on desire for death has the same value as assessing suicidal ideation to examine risk for suicide attempt. A combination of desire for death and suicidal ideation is the best predictor for suicide attempts. This is of high clinical relevance since we suggest that desire for death should be included as a potential clinical marker of suicidality in clinical assessments.

Key worlds: passive suicidal ideation; active suicidal ideation; suicidal risk; assessment.

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