Statistical analysis of the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment

Zhu, Jihe and Arsovska, Blagica and Kozovska, Kristina (2017) Statistical analysis of the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment. In: First International Symposium for Traditional Chinese Medicine, 06 Dec 2017, Stip, Macedonia.

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Introduction - Acupuncture is probably the most important component procedure in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is used in variety of diseases, for treatment and prevention, by puncturing with fine sterile needle on certain points located on the meridians on the body where the energy flows. The aim of the treatment is to balance the energy, to regulate the flow of the energy and Blood, to harmonize the whole well-being, help the body heal naturally, remove the pain and all the symptoms, restore the balance of the body, boost the immune system and etc.
Material and methods - In this research are included 55 patients, 7 male and 48 female, from 20 to 70 years of age. All of them had acupuncture treatment in a clinic for TCM and acupuncture. Patients answered on 12 questions about their experience with the acupuncture treatment. Each answer has been analyzed and has contributed to get clear view on the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.
Results - 42.31% or 22 patients reported that the symptoms totally disappeared, 51.92% - 27 patients said that the pain is almost gone and only 5.77% - 3 patients didn’t have any improvement so far. Most common age group is from 30 to 40 years old. Of all the symptoms present, the most common is the pain.
Discussion - The aim of this research is to show that acupuncture treatment as part of the TCM, can help in correction of many disharmonies and imbalances in the flow of the Qi energy in the body.
Conclusion – Acupuncture as part of the TCM is very often used in variety of conditions and is pretty effective treatment, which gives positive results and helps the body naturally to heal on its own.

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