Screening of glaucoma on 2015 year

Ismaili, Iljaz and Gjosheska-Dashtevska, Emilija and Rustemi, Nadi and Duma, Hristijan and Gazepov, Strahil and Mehmedi, Gazmend (2017) Screening of glaucoma on 2015 year. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 20 (4). pp. 2135-2141. ISSN 2545-4439

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Glaucoma is optic nerve neuropathy with characteristic view of the optic nerve disc followed by damage of visual field, which frequently but not always is associated with high intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is a group of diseases characterized by irreversible loos of the ganglionar retinal cells and neurons which bear visual information from the retina to the visual centers in brain. According to WHO in the world are 450 million blind and 180 million with impaired sight, more in developed countries where the total number of glaucoma is 1-2%. Since glaucoma is ranked as second in the list of ophthalmologic diseases with high morbidity to blinding of population and therefore the interest and commitment of societies for early detection and adequate treatment of this diseases in order to prevent eventual blindness as final result of the diseases undiagnosed and untreated at time.
Aim: To raise the level of awareness among citizens for the disease which is also known as “silent killer of the sight”, information on factors of risk that are associated with IOP, lifestyle, heritage, associated diseases, age, sex etc. For early detection, prevention and adequate treatment.
Material and methods: Retrospective analysis of data form screening organized in Skopje on 13.03.2015, during World week of Glaucoma. Screening week was organized at city square, where were done measurement of intraocular pressure with Keller type non-contactable. During the action were examined 364 causal passers whose intraocular pressure was measured and an questionnaire of risk was fulfilled. The results are presented in absolute numbers, percentages, tables and graphs.

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Subjects: Medical and Health Sciences > Basic medicine
Divisions: Faculty of Medical Science
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Date Deposited: 25 Dec 2017 12:07
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