Gastronomic tourism is much more than gastronomy: the case of the Republic of Macedonia

Filiposki, Oliver and Metodijeski, Dejan and Taskov, Nako and Mitreva, Elizabeta (2017) Gastronomic tourism is much more than gastronomy: the case of the Republic of Macedonia. Proceedings of the 3rd International Scientific and Professional Conference The Challenges of Today: „Sustainable coastal and maritime tourism“. pp. 296-303. ISSN 1846-6656

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Gastronomy can be defined as a compound of art, science and good food. In order to meet, experience this “art” and make it available to the general public, we need people, who will recognize it and feel it. From that aspect, gastronomic tourism “spices” the needs of visitors, gourmets, food and drink lovers, in other words, tourists - the consumers of tasty food, to consume food that is prepared with love, knowledge, tradition and art. The food tradition of the Balkan Peninsula dragged deep roots in the history. Many visitors or random people noticed the tasty food in the Republic of Macedonia. When asked if gastronomic tourism has the potential and whether gastronomic tourism maps Macedonia onto the world map of well-prepared food, seasoned with rich tradition and tastes and scents of untouched nature, only those who visited the country can respond. This paper is based on comparative conclusions on several researches on the tourist’s needs, traditional dishes in certain regions and recognizable products, objects, traditions and events in the Republic of Macedonia. The richness of tradition, nature, favorable conditions and various gourmet products and habits are the treasure of the whole Balkan. The emphasis on food prepared in individual regions, the way of cooking, the way of consumption is a true undiscovered treasure of touch, hearing, sight, gut instinct, smell and taste. The Republic of Macedonia, as a continental country that does not have a sea, has a “sea” of opportunities for development of gastronomy tourism, which is a compound of tradition, tasty food, employment opportunity, sustainable development and continuous satisfaction of the visitors.

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