Importance of probiotics for human health

Taleski, Vaso and Trpceva, Kristina and Zdravkovska, Milka and Simjanovska, Liljana (2017) Importance of probiotics for human health. International Journal Knowledge, 19.4. pp. 1423-1427. ISSN 2545-4439

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The gut flora is a complex community of about 1000 different types of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and viruses) of which the greatest majority are bacteria. Most of them lives in colon.
Bacteria of gut flora belongs to group of beneficial („good“) microorganisms, but also bacteria that cause different infections and diseases („bad“ microorganisms) may be present. Beneficial microorganisms suppress growth of bad bacteria and yeasts.
Gut flora has very important role for human health. It produces vitamins (vitamin K and some vitamins of B group), also stimulates the immune system and regulates integrity of gut. Balance changes of gut flora are reasons for numerous diseases.
Probiotics are live bacteria belonging to the group of „good“ bacteria. They can stop pathogenic bacteria by competition, growth inhibition and attaching to gut epithelium.
Numerious studies have proved many beneficial activities of probiotic use on immune system, suppression of pathogenic bacteria, gastrointestinal diseases, post antibiotic diarrhea, hypercholesterinemia, colorectal carcinoma, inflammations, depressions and anxiety, high blood pressure and some skin disorders.
Influence of probiotics to human health is a reason for wide use in all age groups. Investigation and analyzes of several health institutions in Sthip, city in Republic of Macedonia, showed that importance of probiotic for promotion of human health is very well known to medical personal and most appropriate probiotics for specific indications are recommended. Most recommended probiotics are: Linex, Probalans, Prolife, Darmflora plus, Helicobalans, Biogaja and Diastop.
The best natural sources of probiotics are yogurt, ayran and kefir.

Key words: probiotics, gut flora, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium

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