Ore Loses and Dilution of the Ore Vein No. 4 in the Zletovo Mine, Republic of Macedonia

Bogatinovski, Nikola and Serafimovski, Todor and Tasev, Goran (2017) Ore Loses and Dilution of the Ore Vein No. 4 in the Zletovo Mine, Republic of Macedonia. Tehnika, 68 (4). pp. 503-511. ISSN 0040-2176

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Zletovo mines have a tradition of exploration and exploitation of vein lead-zinc ores for almost a century. Ore losses and dilutions have always been imperative in production since traditional old methods of mining and low-productivity mineralization are used. In conditions of classical and sublevel method excavationsused, the calculated ore losses in ore vein No. 4 are 13.5%, while at the level of all excavations in the Zletovo mines dilution averages at 10%. Ore dilution is also an important technical parameter and several possible variants were calculated. When analyzing the dilution that occurs during the preparation of the sub-level corridor with parameters such: different drop angle
(45-60o), constant thickness of 1.47m as the average vein thickness in the calculated ore reserves,
width of the sub-level corridor of 1.57m or to the width of the ore veinNo. 4 were added 10cm (left and
right to 5cm) as much as is taken in the calculation of the planned dilution and height of 2.5m as
suggested for this mining method, it can be noticed that the planned dilution during this method of
mining ranges from 26.3% to 42.3%. In conditions of use of this underground method of excavation,
parameters are selected that allow for the indicated lowering of the dilution. Namely, the thickness of
the ore wire would be 1.47m, the mining width would be 1.57m, only 10cm (left and right up to 5cm) to
the thickness of the ore vein will be added, the height difference between the consecutive levels would
be 7.5m, dip angle of 45 to 60°, and with the excavation the whole ore vein would be covered in height.
On the basis of these parameters, models were prepared in which the ore vein would have a different
dip angle, from which the values for the planned ore dilution ranged from 6.7 to 7.8%, which is
significantly lower than the average dilution in the Zletovo Mine.

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