Case report: Acupuncture treatment for Freiberg disease

Zhu, Jihe and Arsovska, Blagica and Kozovska, Kristina (2017) Case report: Acupuncture treatment for Freiberg disease. In: Conference: Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine, 18-22 May 2017, Munich, Germany.

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Freiberg disease is a form of avascular necrosis which generally develops in the second metatarsal bone,
but can occur in any metatarsals. It is commoner in women aged 10-18, athletes and those with
abnormally long metatarsals. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy is based on the flow of
the Qi energy and balance of yin and yang. According to TCM disease is as a result of an internal
imbalance of yin and yang and when the body's qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. TCM can be used in
the treatment of Freiberg disease and can gives very satisfying results. Our patient is a 16 years old
female diagnosed with Morbus Freiberg, also known as a Freiberg infraction. In the treatment was used
one acupuncture point - ST 44 (Neiting). Four acupuncture treatments were made in our clinic, one with
cold needle and three with fire needle. After the 4th treatment our patient was able to walk normally, the
edema was reduced and the pain was gone. Acupuncture treatment can reduce the pain and
inflammation, and restore the function of the foot normally.

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