Bioavailability/Phytostabilization of Xenobiotics in Soil

Balabanova, Biljana (2017) Bioavailability/Phytostabilization of Xenobiotics in Soil. In: Xenobiotics in the Soil Environment. Springer International Publishing, pp. 217-233. ISBN 978-3-319-47743-5

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Bioavailability of xenobiotics is not a single value that can be measured by a single chemical or even biological method. It is a process that, as any processes in nature, varies in time and space. Total xenobiotic concentrations in soil are, and most likely will be, considered in risk assessment of contaminated sites, even though they do not reflect the real environmental and health risk associated with the site contamination. Technological intervention in management and monitoring is needed to shorten the restoration time, maintenance costs, and final destination. The reviewed literature shows that evolution of phytoremediated sites is reflected in increased functionality of contaminated soils. Soil functions, being sensitive to the pedo-environmental conditions and responsible for biological nutrient cycles, can be used as synthetic indicators of the progress and also the efficiency of given phytostabilization approaches. However, their use should be coupled to the knowledge of the site history and related to the development of the soil profile and to the organic matter content and humification. It is concluded that further research should focus on systematic studies on the short- and long-term effects of gentle remediation technologies on soil biological parameters and on the identification of general and site-specific sensitive biological indicators for the restoration of soil functions.

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