European and Regional Experiences in the Transportation Politics

Stojanovska-Stefanova, Aneta and Atanasoski, Drasko (2016) European and Regional Experiences in the Transportation Politics. Lambert Academic Publishing, Lap Publishing. ISBN 978-3-659-83539-1

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The efficiency is one of the goals of each working organization or company. It is determined by a number of objective and subjective factors. The human potential, the use of modern information trends in the operations, resources and management are part of the tools that help to achieve efficiency.
In public institutions, the efficiency is a criterion with an equally meaning as in the private. In some cases, this criterion has greater significance, which in itself is a reason for greater commitment. In this sense, the goal achievement of efficiency through the prism of meeting certain standards of technical (material) and other nature should be an essential objective in terms of the reform of the work of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia, in order to achieve the goal of timely, accurate and impartial performance of duties arising from the given authorizations, towards faster fulfillment of the given conditions for full membership of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Union and NATO.
In addition to the book, we will show the role of the competent institutions of the Republic of Macedonia in the process of approximation of the legislation of the European Union by the method of analysis and the method of comparison, but also we will look at the manner of the organization and management in EU member-states in the domestic legislation, and in the countries that are candidates for membership.
In what follows, according to the abovementioned, we will become familiar with the internal organization, objectives and positioning of the sectors of the government in charge of the transport in the member states of the European Union. The purpose of this book is to enable to receive more information for the functioning manner of these complex sectors in countries that have a level of development and organizational system, which should be implemented in the Republic of Macedonia, of course, taking into account all specificities derived from the system of organization and division of the power in the Republic of Macedonia.

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