Modern approach to the planning system for evacuation and rescue in case of fire in underground mines

Adjiski, Vancho (2016) Modern approach to the planning system for evacuation and rescue in case of fire in underground mines. PhD thesis, Goce Delcev University, Stip.

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Emergency in underground mine is declared when it is no longer able to effectively control the health and safety of people. Statistically, one of the most dangerous emergencies that have taken the most lives in underground mines are the fires. In underground mines, fires can happen at any time and may result in partial or complete evacuation of the mine. Plans for evacuation and rescue in case of fire in underground mines, outline procedures for response and preventive measures that are necessary for the effective and timely management of this emergency situation. The quick action and preconditioning for dealing with this kind of emergency can help save lives and protect the financial investment in the mine.
The primary objective of this Ph.D. thesis is to present modern computer methods for planning, modeling and simulation of fire scenarios that can occur in underground mine „SASA” - M.Kamenica, and based on these results to determine the safe routes for evacuation and rescue of all employees. In the Ph.D. thesis is developed a methodology for modeling of fire scenarios that may occur in the underground mine „SASA”, and based on these specific fire scenarios are determine the optimal routes for evacuation of all employees who are affected by the fire scenario. The proposed methodology in this Ph.D. thesis is made with readily available softwares that are used to prepare all sections that are included in an effective plan for evacuation in case of fire scenario. This proposed methodology also allows for preparation of database from various fire scenarios that can be used for planning more variants of the system for evacuation. The results of this study show that this developed and proposed methodology represents а fast, inexpensive and effective system that significantly improves the planning and preparation of plans for evacuation and rescue in case of fire and it can be used for training, research and practical purposes which significantly improves safety in any underground mine.
Key words: underground mines, emergency, fire scenarios, modeling, simulation, optimization, evacuation plans, rescue, safety at work.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Subjects: Engineering and Technology > Other engineering and technologies
Divisions: Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences
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Date Deposited: 21 Dec 2016 11:13
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