A Case of depression screening in schools

Miloseva, Lence (2016) A Case of depression screening in schools. Journal on Educational Psychology, 5 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2230-7141 / 0973-8827 (print)

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Adolescent clinical and subclinical depression has a significant negative impact on adolescents` well being, school performance and consequently produces maladaptive outcomes in terms of subsequent education and occupational functioning. This research is a part of a larger research project with a focus on clinical and subclinical depression during adolescence. So far there has been no other study conducted with adolescents in Macedonia, whose research subject was subclinical depression and its screening in schools. This was an additional motivation for this research. The objective of this research was to introduce a procedure for selecting and grouping of the research sample and the screening of subclinical depression in adolescents ranging from 13 to 17 years of age in primary and secondary schools that was carried out in the Eastern, Central and Western part of Macedonia in the period of two and a half years. The final sample consisted of: the clinical group, 139 (33.7%) respondents; the subclinical group, 133 (32.3%) respondents, and 140 (34.0%) respondents in the control group, or a total of 412 respondents. We believe that the first step in preventing clinical depression development in adolescents, including school context, is screening and facing the existence of subclinical depression, on the continuum of the psychological model of depression. The data obtained should have a practical implication for designing preventive and intervention programs in schools.
Key words: screening; subclinical; depression; adolescent; schools.

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