Creativity of builder Maksim Krstic from Reka, part of the activities of Mijaks group of builders

Namicev, Petar (2016) Creativity of builder Maksim Krstic from Reka, part of the activities of Mijaks group of builders. Izgradnja, 70 (5-6). pp. 227-238. ISSN 0350-5421

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The activity of builders groups represents local and archaic mode of operation of residential and church buildings, where there was a hierarchy, a traditional way of simplified method of architecture. Moreover builders groups (tajfi) consisted of Master Chief, a few masters, journeymen and apprentices, who were well organized. Of great importance is the existence of a plan and drawings of the building, interior and exterior styling of the house, thus forming a certain architectural style. The application of certain details, bay windows, decoration, application of certain anthropomorphic measurement system, details of facades in stucco decoration, the group of Maxim Krstić is a successful example of action of builders in this area in the late 19th and early 20th century. During its activity depending on site conditions, they applied customs around the beginning of the building works, covering the house and the first entry in the house. Thus they were applied certain elements of the current architectural styles, applied in a townhouse. The previously mentioned elements of the valuation of the traditional house in Reka area, works of the architect Maksim Krstić can be used during creating contemporary architectural expression.

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