The correlation between visual field defects and nerve fiber layer tickness measured with optical coherence tomography

Blazevska Buzarovska, Karolina (2014) The correlation between visual field defects and nerve fiber layer tickness measured with optical coherence tomography. Македонско списание за офталмологија, 1 (1). pp. 13-19. ISSN 1857-9523

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The diagnostic procedures that are recently included in the basic standards for glaucoma is OCT and other digital devices (HRT, SLP and others). The study is prospective-retrospective and longitudinal, encompassing 100 patients suspected for glaucoma, which were proceeded to the University Eye Clinic for investigation.
All the patients were completely check-up in the beginning of the study _and after 6 months. The diagnosis of glaucoma is determined based upon the presence of:increased IOP, glaucomatous disc and a confirmed defect in the field of vision or OCT results. The protocol included visual acuity, IOP, gonioscopy, funduscopy,visual fields, OCT, anamnesis and history of the disease, checkup for risk factors.
The aims of the study were: to investigate to correlation between diagnostic findings of OCT and visual fields in new diagnosed glaucoma patients, to correlate the meaning
of visual field and OCT in the diagnosis of glaucoma, to correlate the values of AT total, AT superior and AT inferior to correlate the finding of VF and OCT with
visual acuity, to correlate the findings of OCT and IOP , to correlate the C/D ratio with OCT and visual field findings. Conclusions: average thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer at glaucoma patients is negatively correlated with the values of intraocular pressure; the relationship between VA and total average thickness in OCT showed significant negative correlation in eyes with glaucoma. Considering the wide variability of structure-visual acuity relationship in glaucoma patients, the clinicians should take this variables into account to predict the visual acuity in advanced glaucoma patients; the mean deviation in visual field testing did not showed correlation with average thickness.
The AT total did not show significant correlation with the mean deviation which shows that in the first stadiums of glaucomatous damage there is no predictable values from RNFLT and MD comparing.
Keywords: Glaucoma, OCT, Visual field, Average thickness

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