Roof gardens as landscaping in modern times

Sandeva, Vaska and Despot, Katerina and Colakov, Dejan (2016) Roof gardens as landscaping in modern times. Applied Researches in Technics, Technologies and Education. ISSN 1314-8788 (print), 1314-8796 (online)

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As we know we live in a process of industrialization and massive building of residential buildings, both individually and as a collective housing. Given all that happens even with the procedural other things to come up with all this, the country remains less green space that is required for a single environment, so the roof gardens are the best choice for all of this to get a beautiful country. For roof gardens should be given the explanation that, roof gardens, call it beautiful, flat roofs, and with gentle slope, with rich composition intensively maintained and often impose a constructive adaptation of the building and benefits by the architectural beauty, insulation, absorption.
Commonly found in urban areas and almost always are placed foliage with not very high growth.

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Date Deposited: 23 Nov 2016 14:41
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