Sem Evaluation of Eroded Dental Enamel After The Use of Different Types of Fluoride Tooth Pastes (In Vitro)

Denkova, Natasa and Iljovska, Snezana (2016) Sem Evaluation of Eroded Dental Enamel After The Use of Different Types of Fluoride Tooth Pastes (In Vitro). IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS). ISSN e 2279-0853/ p 2279-0861

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In the study we included 5 different samples of premolars which were alternatively exposed to 4 pH erosive cycles during the day, with a duration of 90 seconds, in 0,1 % citric acid mixed with artificial saliva in a period of 5 days. In between the intervals of exposure, the samples were washed with deionized water (10 seconds) and were transferred into artificial saliva (pH 6.8, 30ml / 37oC ), which was renewed every day.
With the aim to assess the efficiency of the fluoride agents on the progression of the erosion, we included 5 agents with which we treated the enamel samples: Parodontax toothpase (without fluoride-control), Crest toothpaste (NaF-1500 ppm F, pH 6,9, Procter & Gamble);White Glo (5,63% F, pH 8,0),Fluoride solution (NaF )1450 ppm F);TiF4 (1450 ppm F).
The procedure was repeated twice daily, after the first and the last erosive challenge, and after the first and forth day, the samples were examined with an electric microscope. The results for the morphological changes of the dental enamel samples, after the first and the forth erosive cycle showed that after the first erosive cycle, the remineralisation effect did not show significant morphological changes despite which fluoride agent was used for remineralisation (Crest, Parodontax, White Glo, Tif4, Fluoride Solution), opposed to the forth day where the best preventive effect was seen from Tif4, Fluoride Solution.
The results we got from our study, suggest that this topic should be studied further in more complex invivo conditions and our results should be confirmed.

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Date Deposited: 26 Aug 2016 11:12
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