Therapeutic approaches in treating myofascial trigger points

Krstev, Toshe and Nikolovska, Lence and Jovevska, Svetlana and Panova, Gordana (2016) Therapeutic approaches in treating myofascial trigger points. International scientific Journal of Kinesiology “Acta Kinesiologica”, 9 (2). pp. 62-64. ISSN 1840-3700

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Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) has been described as the most common challenge that general physicians, osteopaths, physical and manual therapists face today. Its’s frequency among the patients admitted to chronic pain practices is about 85 % (Han et al. 1997, Skootsky et al. 1989). MPS is characterized by pain originating from the trigger points (TrPs) at muscles and fascia. It is associated with, muscle spasm, tenderness, restricted motion. Although the exact pathology of this phenomenon is still an issue of debate, therapists have developed a lot of empirical treatment approaches. The various treatment techniques that are used for treating TrPs are: TrP release (TrPPR - ischemic pressure applied by finger or some similar tool), ultrasound, TENS, LASER, muscle energy technique (MET), positional release therapy (PRT), strain counter strain technique and integrated neuromuscular inhibitory technique (INIT). The aim of this study is to compare the effectiveness of LASER and TrPPR both combined with MET in reducing pain originating from TrPs. Both approaches resulted in decrease in pain levels and increase in pain threshold. Comparison between the groups showed no advantage to one procedure over the other.

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