Are We Ready For Strategic Activities For Prevention In Human Trafficking?

Boskov, Tatjana and Atanasoski, Drasko (2016) Are We Ready For Strategic Activities For Prevention In Human Trafficking? Journal of "Crisis Management: Challenges and Prospective"- Government of the Republic of Macedonia. ISSN 978-608-65138-9-4

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Safety is one of the fundamental needs of the people and integral part of the quality living. Eliminating the preconditions for the birth of crime is as important as the fight against the criminal activities such as the illegal migration and the human trafficking.
One of the problems in controlling crime is the lack of prevention programs to unite the efforts made by the overall society, the lack of appropriate coordination of the work in this area on behalf of the police, the executive authorities, the local self-government administration, non-governmental organizations and the media.
This paper is based on the premise that the problem of trafficking in persons, whether at the national or local level, can only be addressed effectively on the basis of comprehensive strategies that are based on human rights and that take into account the transnational nature of the problem, the many associated criminal activities, the frequent involvement of organized criminal groups and the profound pain, fear and damage suffered by the victims. It pursues the same purposes as the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Its purpose is to improve the ability, proficiency, knowledge and skills of teachers, lecturers and methodologists as to legal education and training. To this aim, the paper is structured in such a way that different sections each relating to the most relevant topics related to the prevention of trafficking in persons. The subtitles deal respectively with the need: to take into account relevant international law and the emerging international and domestic legal framework; to assess the problem of human trafficking as it presents itself in the specific context of the secondary schools and to develop an effective strategy and capacity for development of strategies concerned; to carry out effective local public education and other measures to prevent human trafficking.

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