Злобната жена во македонските народни семејни песни и македонската народна балада

Denkova, Jovanka and Celik, Mahmut (2011) Злобната жена во македонските народни семејни песни и македонската народна балада. Годишен зборник 2011 - Филолошки факултет, УГД - Штип, II (2). pp. 73-82. ISSN 1857-7059

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In the Macedonian folk poetry, the woman’s character is most abundant in relation to other characters. Often, a woman is shown with a positive role. However, there are number of examples that are presenting her "dark" side. Moreover, the lyrical songs and ballads of the separated families and the personal and family relationships in which the most common image of the dark woman is the one of a stepmother, sister as a killer of other sister, mother- murderer, etc...
The most impressive character of the sister as a killer of her own sister because of her prohibited love to her sister’s husband is the character of the heartless Neda, which not only that she smothers her own sister, but she makes a lot of heartless procedures trying to kill two orphans who are constantly reminding her of the crime. Thus, Neda manifests as the most monstrous the most heartless female nocturnal character of this type in Macedonian folk poetry. The sister also appears as a murderer of her brother in cases where it interferes with its relationship with the man that she loves so much on the advice of her beloved she murders her brother by poisoning him.
The most monstrous of all is the character of the mother-killer, mother-murderer of her child who appears as a real obstacle to the accomplishment of her passionate connection with another man.
In the Macedonian folk ballads, a character that stands out as murderer of her daughter in law is the mother in law. Sometimes, after a defamatory failed to realize her goal and made her son to kill the daughter in law, mother in law resorts to the latter, monstrously decision and herself raises a hand to her. Then, she witnessed the suicide of her son and becomes his indirect murderer.
Sometimes, the two sisters become killers of their own brother’s wife. Such crime is mostly motivated by great love of the brothers to the only sister.
And wives of the brothers sometimes appear as murderers of the youngest brother’s wife. The slaughter is usually motivated by the great beauty of the youngest brother’s wife because they are jealous at her and execute her by poisoning.

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