Плетенка од фантастични и реалистични елементи

Denkova, Jovanka (2010) Плетенка од фантастични и реалистични елементи. Godisen zbornik na Filoloski fakultet, 1 (1). pp. 55-64.

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This study points to the interplay between the realistic and fantastic elements in modern Macedonian literature for youth. The sudden intrusion of fantastic events in a real, stable and concrete world undermines its cohesion and the illusion about the existence of only one chronotope, the one we know as reality, shatters like a glass hitting the floor. The fantastic elements in the text are emphasized by the inexplicability of the unusual events. If the characters in the story experience this uncertainty, it will transmit to the reader as well. This leaves the impression of something unexplained, unusual which happens unexpectedly in the everyday life. The sudden appearance of the unusual and the supernatural in the everyday ordinary life gives rise to the fantastic world. The study also points out the presence of fairytale-like, magic elements in a novel that at first sight seems realistic. The chronotope which symbolizes the transition from the real to the unreal world is the mirror, a typical magic item from fairy tales. The transition from one to the other space happens suddenly, when the character is alone, the transition is temporary, there is always the possibility of safe return in the opposite direction / back to the everyday, familiar, stable, real space, and this represents the connection with the fantastic world, because this, typically fantastic theme very often ends with the fact that the mirror brings about tragic consequences and messages. The stay in the unreal space lasts as long as the main heroine wants, and she returns to the real world by putting on magic shoes. The magic shoes and the mirror are the main means for transition between the two worlds.

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