Literacy, health and economic factors

Kukubajska, Marija Emilija and Koceva, Sonja (2015) Literacy, health and economic factors. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers, 11/1. ISSN 1857-92

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Economic disadvantage in less developed regions of the world is expected to result into higher illiteracy rate, among children in particular. Some developed countries do not follow this pattern. A paradox indicates: they pay special attention to nutrition and dietetics, yet record surprising illiteracy. Poor regions welcome new concepts of healthy nutrition and healthy education, while they also integrate existing traditional nutrition, just as developed societies promote health agricultural and livestock production. However, poor regions are usually those where millions of children and adults die of hunger as literacy or education incentives remain minimal or absent. Eradication of such concerns is addressed by world corporations and government and non-government organizations. Current literacy rates from select European, African, Asian countries and the U.S. are consulted as both rich and developing countries show qualitative and quantitative disparities that require improvement. Public awareness for healthy nourishment recognizes the inter-relatedness between 1. food and healthy nutrition and 2. healthy education and literature on nutrition and dietetics.

Key words: illiteracy rates, hunger, intellectual and material nutrition

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