Corridors 8 and possibility influence to economic development in Republic Macedonia

Temjanovski, Riste (2000) Corridors 8 and possibility influence to economic development in Republic Macedonia. Транспортно-икономическо развитие на причерноморския регион. pp. 54-61.

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During the last ten years The European Union has made enormous efforts to bringing down the barriers between west and east countries in Europe. To achieve this goal one of possibility is to enable single market and free circulation of people and goods. To release and maximize the benefits need to establish better connections between EU and other part of Europe. To be fully effective EU plan to create an integrated Trans-European transport network. In framework of this Trans-European model characteristic place has Corridor 8.
Corridor 8 is expected to be one of the impulse to generate economic development among Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria and also play a role in domain the Economic and Environmental Programs in this regional Policy. Corridor 8 would be assisted by the establishment of set of multilateral principles and encourage the transfer of passenger and goods.
The European Community is supporting the implementation of this project to attain greater, efficient transport system whish reduce regional disparities and effective better balance between European countries.

Key word: Corridor 8, roads road traffic, passengers, Trans-European road network, traffic evaluation

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