The influence of estrogen on the gingival health of girls

Radojkova-Nikolovska, Vera and Popovska, Mirjana and Minovska, Ana and Stojanovska, Vera and Dzipunova, Biljana and Aleksova, Pavlina and Atanasovska-Stojanovska, Aneta and Belazelkovska, Ana and Nikolovski, Bruno (2014) The influence of estrogen on the gingival health of girls. Acta Stomatologica Naissi, 70 (30). pp. 1393-1407.

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Introduction. Gingival inflammation during childhood and pubertal maturation increases remarkably. The aim of the study was to determine the values of the gingival indices among teenage girls, salivary and serum values of the dominant female sex hormone 17β estradiol and influence of estrogen hormone on gingival health. Patients and method. The study included 30 girls (aged 11 to 14 years) with diagnosed gingival inflammation and 30 girls with no gingivitis as a control group. Gingival health was evaluated through clinical examination of gingival indices. Serum and salivary concentrations of 17β estradiol were evaluated with DRG Estradiol ELISA (EIA-2693) and DRG Salivary Estradiol ELISA (SLV-4188) methods. Results. Gingival index values clearly indicate the presence of gingival inflammation. Analyses of correlative values comparing serum and salivary levels of estrogen hormone with indices of gingival status indicate a positive correlation with all index values, particularly emphasizing the impact of 17 β estradiol on gingival inflammation and gingival bleeding. Conclusion. The obtained values of the hormone concentrations in serum and saliva, in both groups, suggest their potential impact on the gingival health. This emphasizes the role of dentists in preventive and treatment modalities in patients during the period of puberty.
Key words: puberty gingivitis, gingival index, estrogen hormones, gingival health

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