Geochemical assessment of some natural waters from eastern and south-eastern Macedonia

Sijakova-Ivanova, Tena and Ambarkova, Vesna (2015) Geochemical assessment of some natural waters from eastern and south-eastern Macedonia. Geologica Macedonica, 29 (1). ISSN 0352-1206

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The paper deals with short review and determination of macro-, micro-, trace and ultratrace elements in some natural waters from еastern and south-eastern Macedonia. In our study were investigated 16 samples of natural waters from the villages Trabotivište near the city of Delčevo, Istibanja near Kočani, Neokazi near Probištip, Plačkovica, Karaorman, Gorni Balvan and Lakavica near Štip, Jargulica near Radoviš, Murtino, Robovo, Gabrovo and Smolare near Strumica. Obtained results showed that most of the analyzed elements in all selected water samples were below the Macedo
nian maximum allowable levels and WHO water standards.
Increased concentrations of some elements indicate anthropogenic pollution of the water from the fertilization of arable land, livestock farms. There is a strong positive correlation between Ca → SO 4 , Na, Mg; Ti → Ca, Mg, Na, K, B; U → Mo, Rb, Cs, As; B → Ca, Ti, Ge, Cl, HCO3; Li → Mg, Na, K, B, Sr, Rb; Ge → Ca, Mg, Na, B, Ti, Li, Cl, Pb; Cl →
Mg, Na, K, B, Sr, Li, Pb; HCO3 → Ca, Mg, Na, K, B, Ti, Sr, Li, Pb, Co, Se, Ge; NO3 → Na, Sr, Li, Pb, Cs, Se; SO4 → Na; TDS → EC.
According to the obtained values for total hardness, investigated waters are hard, mode rately hard and very hard.
High values for total hardnes sare mainly due to solubilit
y of carbonate rocks. Positive CAI values noted in Neokazi
(samples 1 and 2), Jarguli ca (samples 1 and 2), Novo Selo, Murtino, Robovo, Gabrovo and Smolare suggest that sodium and potassium from water are exchanged with magnesium and calcium in rock following base exchange reactions (chloro-alkaline equilibrium), whereas negative CAI values noted at Trabotivište, Istibanja, Karaorman Plačkovica, Lakavica (samples 1 and 2) suggest that magnesium and calcium from water are exchanged with sodium and potassium in rocks favouring cation-anion exchange reactions (chloro-alkaline disequilibrium). After Piper diagram the type of water in the study area is mainly calcium/magnesium bicarbonate and are most likely result of the composition of the geological environment through which the water flows where this natural water circulates. Knowing the natural water quality of the research area is of particular importance because these waters are used by the residents of this region as drinking water and for irrigation.

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