The epistolary genre in the literature for youth by Gorjan Petrevski

Denkova, Jovanka (2015) The epistolary genre in the literature for youth by Gorjan Petrevski. Hikmet, Journal of Scientific Reasearch, 13 (25). pp. 10-29. ISSN 1857-5935

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This paper gives an overview of the epistolary genre and its role in literature. The attempts to define this genre, its characteristics that make it different from the other genres (autobiographies, memoirs, journals etc.) are being analyzed and its most important characteristic of having a dialogue nature is being emphasized. This paper also presents the different classifications of this genre, depends of the author who writes about this.
The exceptional characteristics of the epistolary genre are represented through various novels of Macedonian author for youth - Gorjan Petrevski. From them it can be concluded that the author applies and combines the different epistolary elements on different manner. While epistolary genre dominates in some works and the whole book is written in a form of a letter, such as the novel “Zadocneti pisma do Spomenka”, in the other novels from this author, the epistolary genre is partially present, but in the third group, the author turns to the most present type of communication among youth, the electronic communication, i.e. the electronic mails (e-mail).

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