Monuments of Islamic Culture and Civilization in Shtip

Denkova, Jovanka and Celik, Mahmut (2015) Monuments of Islamic Culture and Civilization in Shtip. Bal -Tam Turkluk Bilgisi 22 (22). ISSN 1452-2179

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This paper makes reference to the Islamic cultural and civilization heritage on the territory of the city Shtip.
Here, we primarily refer to the Bezisten, the city's clock tower and Husa Medin-Pasha mosque, which among the Christian population is known as the Church of St. Ilija. The author of the paper will take into consideration the historical data related to these culturally valuable monuments, the socio-economic and other conditions regarding their creation, their specifics and what separates them from other structures from this period, their current condition, their preservation and restoration i.e. projects and activities undertaken for that purpose.
These buildings are a unique monument of Islamic culture and civilization on the Balkan, but at the same time they are a monument of coexistence in this region. They are testimonies of multicultural coexistence in this region, and in that context we would point out the Husa Medin-Pasha mosque, which Christians still respect and attend on the holiday St. Ilija. Particularly strong is the faith of Macedonian women eager to give birth in the power of this ancient monument.
Key words: heritage, Islam, culture, civilization, monuments.

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