Kinetic studies of manganese removal from aqueous solution by adsorption on natural zeolite

Zendelska, Afrodita and Golomeova, Mirjana and Blažev, Krsto and Boev, Blazo and Krstev, Boris and Golomeov, Blagoj and Krstev, Aleksandar (2015) Kinetic studies of manganese removal from aqueous solution by adsorption on natural zeolite. Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 34 (1). ISSN 1857-5552 (online) 1857-5625

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The kinetics of manganese adsorption onto natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) were studied with respect to initial metal ion concentration and adsorbent mass. In order to select the main rate-determining step in the overall uptake mechanism, a series of experiments were performed under batch conditions from single ion solutions. Data obtained from the kinetic experiments are interpreted in terms of Pseudo-second order kinetic model, Weber and Morris model and model proposed by Furusawa and Smith.

The adsorption kinetics is reasonably fast. It means that in the first 20 min approximately 75% of Mn2+ is adsorbed from solutions. From the kinetic data can be concluded that adsorption of manganese ions from solution by natural zeolite is more efficiency at higher adsorbent mass and at lower manganese concentration in solution. Amount of Mn adsorbed on zeolite increase at higher manganese concentration in solution.

From the kinetic models, can be concluded that intraparticular diffusion is more likely to be the rate determining step, but at higher concentrations of Mn ions in solution, film diffusion may be take a part in a rate determining step.

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