Use of St John’s worth through the ages

Bauer, Biljana and Kostik, Vesna (2014) Use of St John’s worth through the ages. Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries. pp. 76-82.

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Hypericum perforatum L. is a plant which is well known for ages because of its medicinal properties. St. John Wort was even prescribed by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, Dioscorides the father of pharmacognosy and Pliny. This plant was used as a treatment for puncture wounds, headaches, burns and infections.
It is believed that the black - red dots and the translucent perforations on the plant contain the most medicinal properties. The name Hypericum refers on the use of the plant to wart off evil, by hanging plants over a picture in the house during St. John’s day. The name
perforatum refers to the presence of small oil glands in the leaves. Hypericum perforatum L. has long been used as an ancient folk cure for maladies including wounds kidney, lung
ailments and depression.
The European physicians used the plant for vertigo, burns, paranoia and spontaneous
abortion. In ancient time this plant has a history in magic. Also it, was used to protect the live from ailments, protections from death and discover the length of life of family members.
The black - red dots on the petals of the plant symbolize the blood shed by St. John at his beheading. In addition the translucent spots on the leaves represent the tears shed because of the event. It has wide range of medical uses because of its chemical composition. St. John’s wort contains procyanidins, antrachinons, carbohydrates, alcohols, triterpenes, sterols, heterosides of phenol carbonic acids and flavonoids, naftodiantronic compounds, phenolic acids, phloroglucinols and essential oils. In the 21st century, science has offered scientific explanation of St. John’s wort’s features and explained its application, as well as its important role in pharmacy and medicine with its antibacterial, antiviral and antidepressive effects.
Presentation of the development of the ideas associated with St. John’s wort, and the
evolution of the notions, increased the ability of the pharmacists and physicians to respond to the challenges of their professional services in facilating the human life.
Key words: Hypericum perforatum, St. John Wort, depression, usage, history

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