Between Religion and Nation: The Identity of Makedonci muslimani in Republic of Macedonia

Stojanovski, Strasko and Ananiev, Jovan and Nikodinovska Krstevska, Ana (2015) Between Religion and Nation: The Identity of Makedonci muslimani in Republic of Macedonia. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR), 20 (2). pp. 194-201. ISSN 2307-4531

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The collective identity of Muslim population with Slavic origin in the Balkans derived from late Ottoman millet
system of confessional differences and the introduction of national ideology in second half of 19th century. With
the formation of separate Macedonian statehood Makedonci muslimani were included into Macedonian nation,
but in the same time, because of their religious differences they weren’t fully incorporated as integral part of
Christian dominated national discourse. This pattern is not specific only to the context of Republic of
Macedonia, and similar patterns can be located in the examples of Muslims with Serbian national affiliations, of
Bulgarian Pomaks. The group has stable cultural features, and clear presence of Macedonian language, but shows
different politically determined affiliations in their national identification.

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