Reforms in military education - gender issues in Republic of Macedonia

Angelevski, Slavko and Smileski, Rose (2013) Reforms in military education - gender issues in Republic of Macedonia. Contemporary Macedonian Defence – International Scientific Defence, Security and Peace Journal. pp. 41-62. ISSN 1409-8199

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In this paper, we evaluated latest reforms in the system for military education in
the Republic of Macedonia, and in line with that, we considered development and enhancement
of gender integration in military education and training. Based on the determination for
NATO and EU membership a need for transformation of military education and training system
has emerged, and in line with that redefinition of the role and responsibilities of the Military
Academy. Starting from the summary of the requirements for military education and conditions
in which this system is developing, together with the inß uences of modern warfare on this system
are considered. Evaluation of the curricula of military education, following with the need for
permanent continuous education during the carrier is given.
In the paper we stress the importance of having a gender perspective as an integral part of
military activities, and that all military personnel should be gender aware. We evaluated some of
the priority challenges involved in integrating gender issues into military education and training,
and considered social barriers to greater employment of women in defense. In addition,
we considered representation of women in different levels and programs of military education.
These paper indicate that not all levels of military education are equally accessible to female
and male candidates, despite the principle of equal opportunities in place. Unfortunately, topics
related to gender equality and gender-based violence are only partially integrated in the
curricula of Military Academy. There is still no in-depth curriculum that specifically addresses
gender-based and sexual violence, and provides security sector personnel with appropriate
training to properly address these issues.

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