Some aspects of Macedonian multiculturalism in textbooks for primary education

Mirascieva, Snezana and Koceva, Daniela (2014) Some aspects of Macedonian multiculturalism in textbooks for primary education. 9-th International Balkan Education and Science Congress, Edirne. pp. 86-89.

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The issue of multiculturalism in its popularity extends in almost all scientific fields. So the interest in this paper
is focused on the level of representation of multiculturalism in textbooks in primary school. Considering the fact that
textbooks are workbooks for the student, this paper shows some of the covered knowledge that indicates the presence of
certain elements of multiculturalism in the areas of music, religion, and literature. With the analysis of textbooks in core
content and didactic apparatus, and in the context of the commitment to multiculturalism as a phenomenon in itself that
encompasses language, religion, traditions, customs, and cultural features we have compared the field of music, literature,
and religion. The survey includes textbooks for mother tongue, society, environment, music education, specific content of
mathematics textbook, and the list of required reading for elementary school. The analysis is performed under the names of
authors (writers for children, musical performances, works of art), content pertaining to the characteristics of different
religions, and present names in textual tasks in mathematics. The obtained data showed that there are elements of
multiculturalism present in textbooks, but with different percentages. Specifically, religious content is introduced in the
curriculum of primary education from an early age, and in the second developmental period it is defined through a separate
subject which has the status of an elective subject.
Key words: textbook, multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue.

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