Application of Biophysics Methods in Crop Production and Plant Protection

Vasilevski, Goce and Bosev, D and Mitrev, Sasa and Mihajlov, Ljupco and Vasilevski, N (2004) Application of Biophysics Methods in Crop Production and Plant Protection. Yearbook for plant protection, XV (XV). pp. 199-215. ISSN 1409- 5084

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The plants have perfect and various synthetic possibilities. These possibilities led to development of complex organic matters, full of energy, from the simple inorganic organisms. That is why the plants have distictive and specific place among the life forms on our planet. Generally they are highly organized and dynamic organizams, who are moving and transfom1ing the organic mater in their potential chemical energy.
Today it is well known that photosynthesis at plants is a unique bioenergetic mechanism, which uses sun energy. The plants transform that energy for their purposes and their life processes, which energy in later stages as food is used by humans and the rest of the life organisms on Earth.
But the green plots on Earth are using about 0,3 % of the sunlight. The plants at optimum conditions are capable to absorb from 5 up to 10 %, although some research results show that the percentage is up to 20 %. That points to the facts that mankind has enonnous reserves of energy for solving its own energy problems, and Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia it's all free for use.

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