Influence of Japanese trends on the concept for minimalist gardens

Despot, Katerina and Sandeva, Vaska (2014) Influence of Japanese trends on the concept for minimalist gardens. 14th International Scientific Conference VSU 2014, 1. pp. 59-65. ISSN 1314-071X

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Strong influence on traditional Japanese design and the minimalism
concept ZEN philosophy that believes that simplicity is not just aesthetic value and
moral perception which analyzes the nature of truth and reveals the inner qualities
and essence of the material and facilities. Minimalism is characterized by large
expanses with minimal use of industrial materials, tones that are reduced to
monochrome range with emphasis on neutral earth tones. The whole concept is
based on precise geometry that makes clean horizontal lines, low elements of urban
equipment. Lighting also uses basic geometric shapes as own contour combined with
dim light and clean form of coatings that also contribute to the beauty of the
structure. The main goal of elaboration will be the composition, color materials in
creating minimalist garden design supported by the Japanese.

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