Веб базирана далечинска контрола на мобилни роботи

Angelkov, Dimitrija (2013) Веб базирана далечинска контрола на мобилни роботи. Masters thesis, Goce Delcev University, Stip.

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Web-based remote control of mobile robots
WWW-based remote control is an interesting and promising research field in robotics, virtual reality and visualization. Applications that have been developed in this research will find application in the management of soccer robots, space, underwater robotics, training operators, medicine, distance education, and wherever we have a dangerous environment in which man is exposed to a risk to his health. In recent years, many WWW-based robotic control systems are created. List of active systems controlled through Web search engines grow every day. Disadvantages of these systems are weak response by the steering system that is client-side. The purpose of this master's work is to create a system that is quick and easy enough for management to meet the needs of many of the operators of the systems that are managed remotely. Today, Internet technology allows conventional way to develop an integrated network environment to control various robotic systems. To be successful in real-time applications run Internet-based robots require a high degree
of freedom and autonomy with local intelligence that will handle limited bendvit and time delays that are a result of the Internet. The system has a standard network protocol and interactive man machine interface that uses a web browser to remote operator can easy and interactive way to control mobile robot. With the increase of robots and robotic applications is an increasing need to find a way through which they will be controlled remotely. Control of robots via the Internet is of particular importance because there are reliable protocols through which we receive feedback and have interaction man and machine remotely. The problem of remote control and management of robots, systems architecture and interfaces to control one or more robots in various applications is a topic of constant research in the last decade. This master thesis contributes to find innovative methods for managing multiple robots simultaneously in real time via the Internet and provides the answer to the three questions. The first question is how to make the system reliable, the second question is how to make the system fast and the third question is how to make the system open and portable. To reach it from the client-side is created graphical user interface through which you manage the desired robot and when it will have an insight into the interaction of all the other robots. The system allows exclusive control over robots by certain users. Our every action is recorded in the database and it can be further analyzed and base our actions adopted and appropriate behavior analysis system further. Through the analysis of the image from the camera which follows the movement of the robots we get the exact coordinates of the robots then the information is transmitted to the server side and stored in a database. Since there is no other application that will read the information and will display visually robots themselves. For this application we have options to control the robot with the option chosen for the release of the previous selected robot. The application will initially be in the implementation of the Football Cup of robots, and later in every production process which will have more than one robot.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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