Internet application for image processing with matrix transformations

Stojanov, Ivan and Ljubotenska, Ana and Stojanovic, Igor and Zdravev, Zoran (2014) Internet application for image processing with matrix transformations. Yearbook of the Faculty of Computer Science, 2 (2). pp. 85-94. ISSN 1857- 8691

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Digital images are created to display or store useful information, but due to the large number of flaws that exist in the process of their processing, the recorded image is always a degraded version of the original. Therefore, the need for a reliable method for their processing is more than necessary. On the other hand, open source software offers a number of advantages. The open source software is available for everyone and anyone can make analysis on it, anyone can make upgrades and updates, in order to share the better solution with the community and for further use in personal or social needs. The access to the software that the public has, is the starting point of the development process of the code, which is followed by continuous improvements of it’s structure and all the functionalities. The mentioned advantages of the open source software, and the need for the online image processing application, are the basic motivation for this paper. The goal of our work is to develop a web application that performs matrix manipulations, which will be implemented as an open source project. The applicability of the application will be directed to image processing. Restoration and deblurring as important processes in image processing, will be performed with matrix transformations in the background. Because of the relevance of this issue, we expected that the final application will be applicable, and the results to be used for further research in the field of image processing, for us and for the other researchers whose filed of researches are in this area.

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Date Deposited: 16 Jun 2014 14:23
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