Pilot survey of indoor radon in Republic of Macedonia using retrospective method

Pressyanov, Bobromir and Stojanovska, Zdenka and Dimitrov, Dimitar and Georgiev, Strahil (2014) Pilot survey of indoor radon in Republic of Macedonia using retrospective method. In: The Second International Conference on Radiation and Dosymetry in Various Fields of Research (RAD 2014) and the Second East European Radon Symposium (SEERAS), 27-30 May 2014, Nis, Serbia.

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A dedicated research since 2001 has revealed that any home stored CD/DVD can serve as a
retrospective radon detector. As a part of an international collaboration, indoor radon was
measured in 18 towns of Republic of Macedonia using the retrospective method of home stored
CDs/DVDs. In the period September - November 2012 totally 67 CDs from ground floors of 54
randomly selected dwellings were collected. In order to investigate the reproducibility of the
results, in 13 dwellings a couple of disks were analyzed. The average disk occupancy (exposure
time) was 12 years (range: 9-22 y). After collection of CDs, they were processed and analyzed in
the Laboratory of Dosimetry and Radiation Protection at University of Sofia. The obtained mean
222Rn concentration ranged within 6 - 541 Bq m-3 with average 75 Bq m-3 and median 52 Bq m-3
(95% CI for the median: 38 - 63 Bq m-3). The distribution of the results was close to log-normal.
The 222Rn concentrations measured in this survey were compared with the results, obtained in
these towns within the National survey, performed in 2008-2009 using CR-39 track detectors.
Both approaches for large scale surveys were compared in terms of organization, duration and
potential for large scale application.

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Subjects: Natural sciences > Physical sciences
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Date Deposited: 11 Jun 2014 11:26
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