Life for learning or learning for life

Stavreva Veselinovska, Snezana (2010) Life for learning or learning for life. In: Lifelong Education Continuous Education Proceedings of International Cooperation. United Nations Educational, Scientific Eurasian Economic Community (Eurasec) Leningrad State University. A. A. S. Pushkin , Saint-Petersburg, pp. 430-436. ISBN 978–5–8290–0905–2 978–5–8290–0909–0 (eng.)

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Rapid changes require from every individual to be an innovator or inventor, to run for knowledge till death. Balkan nations, used to ready knowledge and free education, are in danger of finishing this race as street sweepers, i.e. doing the simplest tasks or even being planetary social
cases. On the other hand, permanent learning is seen as inhumane for most people. Not everyone can learn how to be flexible, readable, inventive, and run after science till their death. On an island rich with bananas the Americans tried to teach the natives to work, but they failed.
They cut down all the banana trees and offered them a job so that they could buy them from other islands. The natives did not learn how to work but they were starving. herefore, learning for life is not a simple but a complex process in which designers have much more questions than just:
is permanent learning necessary?

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