Уметност на маргините / Art on the margins

Nikolovska, Violeta (2012) Уметност на маргините / Art on the margins. Годишен зборник, 8. ISSN 1409-9187

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In this article we are going to ask the following questions: What is art? Who does it belong to? By defining art as a way of life we will also connect it with culture while understanding culture in its fundamental meaning contained in the etymology of this word – as neatness, cultivation. The next question – to whom art belongs, will enable us to make a distinction between art available to everyone, art that can be qualified as art on the margins, and art that is under the auspices of institutions. This distinction, of course, is not entirely strict and carries a sequence of overlaps, but leads us to the insight into the possibilities offered by new technology and which make art available for everyone. We will also look at some examples of intermediality in modern time art. 1 Факултет

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