The Winery of the Late Antique City of Bargala

Nacev, Trajce (2012) The Winery of the Late Antique City of Bargala. Folia Archaeologica Balkanika (2).

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The discovered wine presses in the middle stream region of the Bregalnica River, on the sites of Gorno Pole, the large wine amphora found near the village of Zagorci, and above all, the building complex in Bargala, purposed for production, storage and wine trade indicates an organized, local production; not a local or individual wine production. One can argue that the region of Bregalnica was involved with the cultivation of grapevines and wine making since the Iron Age (eight-sixth c. AD) and it was a tradition carried well into the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Today, this region continues this tradition in growing grapevines in the very vicinity of the abovementioned sites of Bargala and Gorno Pole, as well as near the villages of Gorni Balvan, Dolni Balvan, Tri Češmi and Zagorci. The region has several renowned wineries: Zik Crvena Zvezda , Imako, Anevski and Bovin.

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