Conditions of the Musical tradition in R.Macedonia

Zelenkovska Leshkova, Stefanija and Islam, Aida (2012) Conditions of the Musical tradition in R.Macedonia. In: Workshop and presentation about conditions of the musical tradition in R.Macedonia, 22 November 2012, Istanbul, Turkish State Conservatory Music. (Unpublished)

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The socioeconomic changes in the Republic of Macedonia are changing daily lifestyle in society and contribute to the urbanization of rural areas in the country. At the same time, adverse economic conditions impose working abroad to be the necessary choice of many households. Consequently, rural communities slowly lose their former character and authenticity of continuity in transferring of cultural traditions. Thus, archetypal examples of folklore music - shepherd who plays kaval (end-blown flute), labor songs or lullabies are increasingly becoming rarity in rural villages throughout Macedonia. The above factors contribute to significant changes in all segments of the musical tradition. Technical and technological innovations are resulting in a change of musical instrumentarium, where traditional instruments give their place to modern electronic instruments, primarily synthesizer. The reduction of the traditional repertoire and the dominance of contemporary musical trends are very obvious, especially on the younger population through technical and technological means, satellite and cable TV, Internet and so on.

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