Determination of Total Flavan-3-Ols in Wines from Macedonia

Ivanova, Violeta and Dimovska, Violeta (2010) Determination of Total Flavan-3-Ols in Wines from Macedonia. Yearbook, Goce Delcev University – Stip, Faculty of Agriculture. pp. 45-57.

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Flavan-3-ols are very important wine constituents which determine its organoleptic properties, such as bitterness, astringency and taste. Spectrophotometric assay with p-(dimethylamino) cinnamaldehyde was applied for analysis of total ß avan-3-ols. The accuracy and precision of the method were conÞ rmed using standard solution of (+)-catechin prepared with low, medium and high concentrations. Additionally, the accuracy of the method was conÞ rmed by standard additions. Total ß avan-3-ols (TF3-ols) were analyzed in different red and white wine samples, produced from different vineyard areas in Republic of Macedonia and from two vintages, in 2008 and in 2009. In general, the red wines contained higher content of total ß avan-3-ols. TF3-ol content was lower in the wines from 2008 which means that they decreased during the aging, mainly as a result of polymerization.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Total flavan-3-ols, wine, spectrophotometry
Subjects: Agricultural Sciences > Agricultural biotechnology
Natural sciences > Chemical sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture
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Date Deposited: 05 Nov 2012 08:23
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