The influence of ideas of surrealism in fashion design

Kertakova, Marija (2019) The influence of ideas of surrealism in fashion design. Tekstilna industrija. pp. 36-51. ISSN 0040-2389


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The efforts of fashion modellers, designers, and manufacturers to produce clothing for the modern man have led to a huge variety of stylistic tendencies when designing the clothes. However, they are based on both archetypal principles related to the immutability of the physical parameters of the human body and its psycho-physical needs, related to the design, production, sale and use of clothing. The artist and fashion designer, as well as all the other figures in the consumer-creator chain, are rethinking their role. The value of clothing as a work of art comes to the fore, but it is also very important for the modern man to be significative with the help of which the wearer wears information on his cultural and philosophical doctrine. The relationship between art and costume is atypical for an average person, but only for one who has a particularly thorough knowledge of both objects and understands that fashion is part of applied art (which means that fashion is on its own way – very individual specific kind of art). In connection with the above works, the object of my research is the process of emulation, processing and applying the artistic experience of XX century painting – i.e. Surrealism in the costume of XX and XXI centuries. How was the transfer of the artistic elements of painting done, their adaptation and modification in some of the most emblematic models of world-famous designers working in the XX and XXI centuries. Keywords: artist, fashion designer, fashion as artwork, painting-costume relationship, surrealism

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